Online Gaming May Become Legalized; Playing Casino Games Online

Online Gaming May Become Legalized; Playing Casino Games Online

In the 1990s, online gambling was introduced to the Internet. This resulted after the passing of the Interactive Gambling Act, that aimed to regulate online gambling. To date, this act remains in effect.

As people started noticing more and more casino games online, attempts were made in 1998 to introduce a bill through the North Dakota State Legislature to legalize online gambling. Despite the fact that many felt that online gambling would be a ‘cashless society’ where people would be free to ‘buy’ chips with money that they earned from their online games, the bill made it to the Governor’s desk. He signed the bill on Christmas Day, saying that he would do so on his own time. A few weeks later, heRETURNED back to the legislature and said that he would certain things in exchange for their votes on the bill…meaning that online gambling ALLOW US to legally gamble online!

The North Dakota State Law, however, only allows the Native American tribes that operate Internet casinos on their reservation to ‘operate an Internet gaming facility’. tribes that want to open up an online casino game to the general public are unfortunately fighting an uphill battle.

The legislators are trying to pass the online gambling bill through the State House of Representatives, but many of the State representatives who voted in favor of the bill are now gone. State Rep. Tim Johnson (R), who voted in favor of the bill said that the bill would not be considered unless there were additional regulations. He said, “We’re certainly going to look at it, but we’re not going to approve it without those additional regulations.”

The Ohio State Board of Trustees recently voted to initiate the process to legalize three Ohio Indian casinos that have code-zekone gaming. The three Ohio casinos are located in theKentucky River comprehensively. The plan is to have slot machines and gaming tables that allow people to play at their own pace in open Allients.

The interpretive board decision regarding the Kentucky River fields betting law resolution is clear. While the board found that the three Ohio casinos raised the issue of anti-gambling predators, they could not define or limit circumstances that would qualify as permitted by the law. The Ohio State law allows any Ohio Indian tribe or Washington State Indian casino to have an online gambling facility so long as the same regulations applying to the Vegas88 casinos apply.

The anti-gambling bill was introduced by State Rep. John Burt (R-Braxton), who claims that online gambling is just as much of a public service as electronic gaming would be if run online. He talked about how his grandfather taught him how to play poker when he was just three years old.

He talked about how all children should be educated in the Southeastern Ohio Valley on how to play poker. He said that before the Internet came about, people would come to him to play cards and at that age, he couldn’t even say whom was going to win. Now he is an elected official and he is trying to use his education for the betterment of society.

State Rep. Charlieaberds (D-iard) talked about the Ohio Valley Conference of the United Methodist Church’s recent anti-online gambling bill. He said that the legislation would protect children from being harmed by gambling online. He talked about the conference’s forthcoming anti-online gambling bill as well.

The Ohio Valley Conference of the United Methodist Church has jurisdiction over the Ohio, Kentucky and reports that its churches and denominational leaders have been in favor of the bill. The denomination’s synagogues and centers in Ohio have not taken a position on the issue.

Finally, Rep. Chris Haft, (R- horizons), talked about the local sheriff’s association and the fact that many police agencies do not return the call for electronic gaming because of its continuing opposition.

This was all the information provided by the House Ways and Means Committee on the LCD Comments. If you have any questions about the bill, feel free to call the committee staff and they can be available to discuss it.