How to Quickly Profit From Football Betting - 22 Reasons to Bet at the Correct Odds

How to Quickly Profit From Football Betting – 22 Reasons to Bet at the Correct Odds

So you want to win this football betting thing, right? Punters all around the world, some call it soccer, some may call it football, but it is the same thing all the way. You love the sport, you want to win, and you would love to have a wager on the outcome of the game. But you are not sure about betting at the correct odds, that is a problem, too.

22 Reasons Why Betting at the Correct Odds Is Easier Than Most People Think

  1. Casinos are allowed to operate without a license or any sort of privilege, so how can betting exchanges satisfy this requirement?
  2. Betting exchanges aretabular(that is they can accept all bets), which means that incoming bets must succeed before any bet is settled.
  3. In both cases, the outcome is easily determinable. If the match looks like yours and you lose, you just lose your money and your bet. If the other team wins, you either win or break even.
  4. Most of the time, both teams win. Tabulate the odds and pre-determine the probability of both teams winning by adding the weight of your bet. If the probability is high, you take the bet.
  5. If the final score is tie, you do not lose your bet. If neither team wins, you win.
  6. Lose only if the bet equals the amount you wagered.

Why has soccer betting been easier to paralyzed than many other sports? Certainly it is not as intense as football, America Football, or basketball. You do not need to cover the number of corners, the number of players, the number of balls in play, the number of coaches, or anything like that.

Why is soccer betting easier? Because there are only 6 teams in the world, and most of them play home games. This greatly reduces the bookie areaspread, making it easier to analyze, and for that reason easier to make a profit at.

If you want to make a rectangular bet, with a 50% chance of winning, on a football match, the odds are about 1.4 to 1. These odds are only about half as wide as for baseball, where the teams play home and away. Because of the close match up, even the most basic statistical analysis for soccer will probably give you a higher accuracy about the outcome of the game.

If you want to bet on the favourite, the odds are 9.5 to 1 for first goal scorer. Take that 9.5 and convert it into a percentage, because 90% of the time the favourite wins. convert the percentage into a decimal by adding 9.5, which gives you 150%. The fractional value of 1.4 is about -0.2 or +1.4, exactly the same as for +1 and +1.4.

Why is this the case? Well that’s pretty much it. Most successful punters tend to specialise in betting on one certain area and by sticking rigidly to a particular strategy, and building their unit-systems around it, rather than chasing non- Sequential betting opportunities.

Some punters, who specialise in in-play betting on DewaGG, will apply a very strict betting strategy and only get involved in a game when they have developed a large enough sample size. Other punters will follow a betting strategy which requires them to wait for a certain number of total goals to qualify for an arb.

There are many strategies like this, but the fact remains that only with a disciplined approach and solid literature, can you make efficient long term profits in betting. For more Star streets analysing the markets, please visit our website.