How To Play Poker - What Every ONE Needs To Know How!

How To Play Poker – What Every ONE Needs To Know How!

How to play poker is a question many players ask, and quite frankly, there is no simple answer to that question.

Poker isn’t like chess, blackjack or even car racing. When you watch the grand entrances of those famous players they signify something huge for the game, but on the other hand, what makes poker so appealing to many is the fact that anyone can play poker.

A poker party, speaks volumes about the popularity of the game. In fact, poker parties are highly publicized in many parts of the country. These parties are highly organized and lavish which almost seem to indicate that they are going to be quite a big hit.

The reason why poker is so attractive and glamorous is the fact that it is going to be lucrative even for the mostkers. Now here is the kicker, actually, poker is harder to learn than many people think. Just the other day I found myself in a situation where a rookie poker player wanted to learn more advanced poker moves, so he could go after higher stakes money. Which is fine, you can always move up, but here’s how I handled it.

First, I let him gamble with the basics until he got comfortable with the QQdewa. Once he was comfortable, I suggested we do a little practice run. The next thing you know, he outs aces and some other random cards to see if he could have a credible hand. Which he did and I was proud of him. Then we started again and I promptly predicted his outdraw, which he came up with a pair of aces. insignificant, right?

The point is, you can be good at one or two things, but if you try to be good at all, you will get burn out. poker is a game of ups and downs. You can be winning one hand, start to lose, and then recoup somehow. But it all starts taken place before you can take your opponent entirely within your power. Do not be that player who lays down the monster on the river and then proceed to beat a hasty exit. Do not be that player who Calls preflop with QQ and then folds to my bet on the flop. No, I beg of you, learn to be patient.

If you are a beginner, you can always practice with some simulated cash money on online poker sites. Look for no limit games and start there. And if you can win $500, then go to the next level. Remember, NOW is the time to EXIT.

For extra cash, play low limit tables. It is a lot easier to teach you the intricacies of the game there than it is if you start ranked. And if you think you are good, and someone is calling your every hand, I urge you to quit while you are ahead and fold while you are behind.

For those of you who have quit your day job and are making a comfortable home poker income, I wish you the best of luck!